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Sunday  |  10am
Age: PreK - 5th grade

Our Sunday services are filled with incredible fun & dynamic biblical teaching that impacts the lives & hearts of our kids. Our Sunday services are "Kids Church" style & include games, worship, alter calls, & more! Come check it out this week!

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Current Series


Jesus was the ultimate “Transformer.”  Everywhere He went, lives were changed.  Every person He touched was TRANSFORMED by His Almighty Power!  It wasn’t a matter of whether or not someone would be TRANSFORMED, but how they would be TRANSFORMED.

In this series, the kids are led by “Eleanor” on her wacky TV talk show.  By the miracle of modern technology (or just our crazy creative ideas) she is able to sit down and speak with Bible characters who came face-to-face with Jesus and had their lives completely TRANSFORMED.

From Lazarus to the Rich Young Ruler, from Thomas to the Samaritan Woman—Eleanor talks to the folks who give all the amazing details about their encounters with Jesus.  Through this journey, the children will discover that if they allow Jesus to lead and guide their lives, they too will be completely TRANSFORMED!

We pray that your kids enjoy this series and that their lives are radically TRANSFORMED!

With Answers


Wednesday  |  6:30pm
Age 3 - 5th grade

Royal Rangers & Missionettes offer a unique Wednesday night experience for our kids! Modeled as christian scouting programs, these ministries offer memorable experiences, skills training, and dynamic Biblical instruction.

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Life Place Kids Choir LOGO.png


Our Kids Choir is all about blessing our church & greater Merced community through song! Any child that has a heart to sing for Jesus can join our choir any time!

Monday  |  5:30pm
Age: Kinder - 5th grade


Kids Choir Resources

Performance Dates

Anberry Transitional Care

Easter Performance

Interested in joining Kids Choir?
We meet every Monday from 5:30 to 6:30


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Kids Team?

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