LifePlace Church exists to see people in Central California transformed into loving, joyful,

Spirit-filled followers of Jesus Christ!


LifePlace Church is committed to seeing the vision that God has called us to fulfill in Central California through what we call "OUR CORE FOCUSES."



Connect uplifts the importance of worship,prayer, and fellowship in our everyday lives. Connect means to be in vital relationship with God, other believers, the church, and our family. It reminds us of the priority of building positive, long-lasting relationships with people at work, at school, in the community, and at home.

As we connect first with God, He makes it possible for us to build meaningful relation-ships with other believers; they, in turn, help us connect to a church family. These inter-connected relationships enable us to welcome people who are not yet part of our church or who are pre-believers.



Grow means to know and obey God’s Word . Gaining knowledge is vital, but we need more than information. True discipleship means applying the word of God to our daily lives.



Serve reminds us of our responsibility to work alongside fellow believers. Our churches are full of ministry and service opportunities—from manning a food pantry to hosting a youth fellowship to teaching Sunday School classes. Every believer working together is required for a local church to function as God intended. God gifts and empowers us to serve and multiplies our efforts in exponential ways.



Go moves us outside the walls of the church and into our community and world. It may mean we drive a nail into a Habitat home, offer a cup of cold water, or tutor a child at an after-school program. It means we develop relationships and discern when it is time to talk about spiritual matters. Going is fed by a desire to experience firsthand God’s work in the lives of others, recognizing we are one instrument He is using. Go is different from Serve;  Go is outside the church while Serve is inside.

Our Vision

The vision is what we can become as we do what we're supposed to do. Andy Stanley said, "Vision is a clear, mental photograph of what can be, fueled by the conviction that it must be!"


Short-Term Vision

LifePlace Church endeavors to:


  • See a minimum of 100 people come to faith in Jesus Christ annually and be inspired to grow through the ministry of LifePlace Church by which their lives will be transformed.

  • Develop a citywide outreach that would bless the community and opportune the church to share the love of Jesus.

  • Expand the ministry of LifePlace Church through Central Valley wide television along with live stream services and podcasts.

  • See spiritual growth and development in everyone who attends LifePlace Church demonstrated through a lifestyle of prayer and daily devotional time to which all saints would read through the Bible in one year.

  • See 100% of attendees becoming part of the life of the church, actively serving in a form of ministry.

  • See 100% of attendees participating in biblical tithing, giving back 10% of their income to the Kingdom of God, thereby opening avenues of ministry to further impact lives.

  • Give a minimum of $10,000 annually to world missions.

  • Experience a minimum of 80% of seating capacity consistently filled each Sunday service throughout the year, thereby creating momentum as people gain excitement about participating in a thriving church. 

  • Beautify current facilities in order to communicate to all who attend that a spirit of excellence rests on the ministry of LifePlace Church.

  • Take progressive steps to developing the new church campus on the corner of Franklin and Belcher Road



Long-Term Vision

LifePlace Church endeavors to:


  • Develop the building site on the corner of Franklin and Belcher.

  • Develop a Christian School, serving (K-12) with a complete sports and performing arts program, preschool and day care center.

  • Establish a weekly “Sidewalk Sunday School” program (PATCHES) throughout Merced County.

  • Develop a Ministry Training Center.

  • Establish Christian Campus Ministry in each of the Jr. high, high schools and college campuses in the area.

  • See LifePlace Church become a 24/7 ministry operation