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What to expect

Our vision is to IGNITE a passion for JESUS in our young people.

We aim for our youth to CONECT with the Lord through worship, prayer and the word of God, to GROW in their knowledge and obedience of the word, to SERVE our church and community, and to GO out to the world with a love and passion for the lost to be used as an instrument in God's work. 

At IGNITE youth, we strive to provide a fun, exciting, and welcoming atmosphere where your young people can have a life changing encounter with God. They can expect fun icebreakers, biblical teaching, and an opportunity for Q&A without fear of being criticized. And snacks, we have awesome snacks! 



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Happening at Ignite youth

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Be thankful for each other.

Psalm 100; Ephesians 1:15-23; John 13:34


Take a  moment to read the passages we're covering this week. What stands out to you in this passage and why?


This week, take time to thank God for the people in your life.


So what's your next step? Can you be thankful for people who may frustrate you? Can you make a list of how people are gifts to you? Could you remind yourself to say a prayer of thankfulness for others each week? Whatever your next step os right now, take it.

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