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What to expect

Our vision is to IGNITE a passion for JESUS in our young people.

We aim for our youth to CONECT with the Lord through worship, prayer and the word of God, to GROW in their knowledge and obedience of the word, to SERVE our church and community, and to GO out to the world with a love and passion for the lost to be used as an instrument in God's work. 

At IGNITE youth, we strive to provide a fun, exciting, and welcoming atmosphere where your young people can have a life changing encounter with God. They can expect fun icebreakers, biblical teaching, and an opportunity for Q&A without fear of being criticized. And snacks, we have awesome snacks! 



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Happening at Ignite youth

Week 1

John 10:10

You have what it takes to be a party starter. 

Week 6

Luke 10:26, 10:30 10:33

A party starter uses what they have for the good of others. 

Week 2

Romans 5:8, Matt 5:41

A party starter does more that what is asked of them. 

Week 7

Matthew 5:14-16

A party starter lives like others are watching.

Week 3

Matt 9:10-13

A party starter knows there's room for everyone at the table. 


Luke 7:37-38, 7:47

A party starter understands that there are creative ways to worship God. 

Week 4

Matthew 1:23

A party starter shows up to be with others in their difficulties.

Week 9

Luke  2:49-50, 2:52, Matthew 7:7-8

A party starter knows there is always something to learn from others. 

Week 5

Luke 12:15, 12:21, 1 Timothy 6:18-19

A party starter knows helping someone else's win is just as important as winning themselves. 

Week 10

Luke 17:20-21

A party starter knows we play a part in making the world we want to live in a reality.

Start the Party

This series is all about the promise Jesus made about getting the most out of life - the full life we're offered in following Him. Students are encouraged to experience the life God offers, keep in mind that it may feel like an abstract that's hard for them to grasp at first. The more it's unpacked over the course of this 11-week series, the more they'll begin to see what a full life following Jesus really is! 


Use the prompts below to engage in everyday moments with your teen


Morning Time

As your student starts their day, ask them how you can pray for them this week.

Drive time

While on the go this week, ask your student: "What is the best party you've ever been to? Why?"


Meal Time

At a meal this week, have everyone answer this question: "What is something new you've learned about God lately?"

Bed Time

Pray that your teen will find the Bible engaging and be open to always learning more about God through God's Word.

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